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If you are looking for a deeper toned sound that is friendly, reassuring, determined and dynamic at the same time, feel free to ask for a quote! You will receive the ordered audio within 24 hours. Upon request, I will send a free sound sample to the project in progress.

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About me

I am Károly Petró, radio host, actor.

A layman might say, "This is the easiest occupation in the world! Everyone can speak, so give me a microphone and I'll make a living from it too!"

No doubt you need confidence to be a good narrator of someone, but that in itself is not enough.

I've been working as a radio host for 13 years. Since only my voice is present on the air, I had to learn to convey information, my thoughts, in many ways.

After all, in order to arouse and maintain interest, a good topic is not enough, I also need a sympathetic voice.

I also work with this knowledge and professional humility when writing narratives or speaking as an advertising voice.


IVR - Interactive Voice Response


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